IS Cinnamon Bad For Dogs?

It is found in powdered form and in form of sticks as well. There are various uses of cinnamon other than being a cooking ingredient. It is used to treat and prevent a lot of skin problems and ulcer issues in humans. Cinnamon is also well known for treating a number of issues in dogs. It might be surprising, but yes a lot of herbs and spices are used to treat different health issues in animals like dogs and cats. This article is going to answer a commonly asked question that is cinnamon bad for dogs?

Production of Cinnamon

The annual production of cinnamon is around 27,500 to 35,000 tons all over the world. The major production of cinnamon takes place in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Madagascar and Seychelles are also producers of cinnamon along with a minor production from India, China and Vietnam.

Aroma and flavor

The flavor in cinnamon is due to the aromatic essential oils that make up to 1% of its composition. However, the aroma is very appealing and a hint of it is used in different perfumes also. Some artificial made food flavors and spices also add a pinch of cinnamon to give the aroma and taste.

Cinnamon for dogs

Cinnamon works as a non-toxic agent for dogs and cats. According to ASPCA, small doses of cinnamon on regular basis can add up to the energy levels of the dogs and help them fight against different animal diseases. If cinnamon is given in higher quantity to dogs then it can lead to hallucination and higher heart rate. Both of these issues can be fatal for your beloved dog. A lot of people who are interested in having a dog as a pet ask their owners about the diet they must follow. A common question usually asked is cinnamon bad for dogs. This is a repeatedly asked, because there have been a lot of misconceptions about this herb and people have only believed in rumors. So it is always wise to do a little research before you feed something to your dog.

Benefits of Cinnamon for dogs

According to a dog food company, a single dose of cinnamon every day for the dogs can help treat a number of problems such as;

  • Cinnamon helps in preventing joint stiffness and arthritis in dogs.
  • Cinnamon is also useful in regulating the blood in dogs, especially the ones who have diabetic genes in their blood.
  • Also, cinnamon is helpful in relieving cancer pains in dogs.
  • Cinnamon, also works as an energy booster in dogs. As dogs go through a lot of stress all day with all the running and barking; they need a dose of cinnamon to keep up the energy levels.
  • The dog foods that are available in the market contain a hint of cinnamon in them. These foods are carefully designed and only a certain ration of cinnamon is added to them because large portions of cinnamon can damage the digestive system of dogs.

Cinnamon is one of the essentially shared spices between humans and animals. People who already know the answer to is cinnamon bad for dogs never let it get out of stock. Having a dog is a great pleasure, but on the same side it is a great responsibility; so learn before you get one.

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